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    Exchange rates can be very volatile as can be seen within the picture below....a 20% move one way, only to then reverse direction, with lots of moves up and down along the journey

    We can help you achieve the decision plus that little extra......at a very modest cost

  • The Solution

    Kindly note that whereas the "experts " blamed the pound's slide on the late June 2016 Brexit vote, when it bought £/€1.3, our guide flagged a pink warning far earlier, in late December 2015 when the exchange rate was at £/€1.42

    It's as easy as 1 2 3:

    The first of a two picture report shows a 1-year colour-coded daily history of your chosen exchange rate, Green = more €uros to the pound, Neutral = uncertainty/sideways and Pink = less €uros to the pound with the Blue "smoothing" line providing further guidance, price above the blue line = more €uros, below it = less

    The second picture shows a 30-day 30-minute history. When price is above the Red "smoothing" line = more €uros, below it = less. The blue squiggly line oscillates between 30 and 70 with any extremes outside of that range coinciding with a trend-change for your exchange-rate.

    That's it!......Select the currency exchange rate of interest to you from the list provided in the store, when an updated daily report of your required exchange rate will be presented to you ...If your exchange-rate is not listed then please contact us when we will look to add it


    An sample of a report is HERE

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    One off


    For a one-off requirement, such as an impending holiday currency need, the one-off modest outlay provides you with a snap-shot of the exchange-rate's 1-year daily history plus a zoomed-in 30-day history of 30-minute moves, both of which include the all-important guides to the likely exchange rate direction.




    For Expats and others who make regular exchange rate decisions or perhaps have a one-off requirement but prefer to have the added "feel" offered by daily updates of the above within a monthly contract, which can be cancelled at any time by giving a one month notice, you receive a discounted outlay dependent on the period selected.


    CurrencyTiming signal change updates are notified to the Regular subscriber by email.



    All currency pairs listed in the shop: One-off = £10


    All currency pairs listed in the shop: Regular 1-month rolling contract = £30




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    30+ years of investment experience...... advising, managing, analysing, writing, commenting, watching and listening.......confirm to me at least that markets, which after all are made up of decisions by human beings on whether to Buy, Sell or hold, are repetitive and not random...as such their predictability can be of immense use for not just investment decision-making but for life in general, be it of political change, the arts, propensity towards war, pandemics, sex to name but a few areas.

    You are welcome to join me on the journey forward, assisted by many lessons from the past, in what is hoped you will find a rewarding, thought-provoking, contrarian experience with some added humour

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