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Welcome to the "view" and I hope that you like it, both the actual view from my desk and the currency comment plus any value added offered throughout this site.

In fact, I hope that you like it so much that you would consider passing the message far and wide as at its most basic the internet world is all about sharing, the sharing of hopes and dreams with family and friends and the sharing of knowledge where you think that you have some to share. There has to be a modest charge for the solutions offered here, as aside of it being part of what I do to earn a crust, analysing financial markets that is, there are costs involved in collating the data and of presenting it in a hopefully interesting and informative manner.

Oh, by the way this is me, Charlie,

My wife and I have been fortunate to have lived in many parts of the world, hence as expats currency exchange has been a consistent variable where the timing of it is important. In these more austere times, where many budgets are under pressure, we aim to assist in saving you time and money, whether you are fellow expats, business travellers or it's for the wider family vacation time

Enjoy the posts, feedback is always appreciated thanks.

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